How to make repeat-AB settings

 Speater - Smart Repeater

Repeat-AB has 3 modes. 
    - Off mode 
    - A mode
    - AB mode

 When AB mode is set, Speater repeats between A and B position. 

There are several ways to set up repeat-AB.

1. Button interface

 Just press AB button and adjust the position with current time.

2. Waveform interface with finger

    It is very convenient method.

    a) Pull your finger down in the waveform graph. You can see small blue bar on the waveform. 
    b) Slide left or right to set the A position.
    c) Touch your finger off the screen.
    d) Pull your finger down to set B position and slide left or right.
    e) Touch your finger off the screen.
     If you want to change AB position, just pull your finger down and move!.

                         (a)                                                    (b)

                    (c)                                                        (d)


3. Two fingers interface
   - Touch your two fingers on the screen and slide your fingers to set the repeat A,B positions.

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