About Smart repeater - Speater

  Speater - Smart Repeater 

When you want to listen or watch some parts of the music or movie again, how could you do that?

The Speater will show you the easiest way to repeat some parts of the music or movie.

You can use your own iPod songs, videos, Podcasts, iTunes U. In addition, Speater support "File sharing" files.

If you are interested in studying any languages, I am sure that Speater will be the best friend of you.

When you want to memorize any songs or music videos , Speater will help you by dividing words automatically.

When you watch movies with subtitles, you can repeat current subtitle in an easy way.

Key functions

1. support audio/video files

2. waveform interface
- scroll
- manual repeatAB interface

3. repeater
- typical repeat AB (visual interface)
- auto repeat
- subtitles repeat

4. support iPod
- Songs
- Albums
- Artists
- iTunes U
- Videos
- Podcasts
- Playlists
- Recent Files

5. support File Sharing
- Create/Move/Delete folders/files

6. etc
- support subtitles format (srt, smi)
- support swipe up/down/left/right and single/double tap
- support background play
- support bookmark 

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