File Sharing (how to use)

 Speater - Smart Repeater

1. At first, there are no files in File Shring tab.

2. After adding files to your device , you can see file lists. (Refer File Sharing(iTunes) )

3. Pull down the screen to show the upper toolbar.

 4. Press "+" button on the toolbar and enter folder name.

5. "music" folder is created.

6. Press "Edit" button on th toolbar.

7. Select files that you want to move.

7. Press  "Move" icon  in the middle of bottom toolbar, and select "Move" message.

8. Select the folder that you want files to move to.

9. Press "Move Files to ...".

10. You see files are moved to music folder.

11. Player starts when you select song or video.

12. There is no limitation to create folders. You can make sub-folders in folder.

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